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Interview tips & techniques

To help guide you, ICS have devised the following tips and techniques for you to download: click here

Please consider the following:

Questions you might be asked about the company/job

What does the company do?
What skills will you need –do you have them?
Why should this company give you the job?

Questions about you

Sum up what's special about you?
Tell us about your career to date.
What's you career game-plan for the future?
What are you proud of in your work?
What are you good at?
What aren't you good at?

Questions about your present job

Do you like your current job?
What do you dislike most?
Why do you want to leave?
Are you good in difficult situations? Explain and give examples.
Are you a good decision maker? Explain and give examples.
How would your boss describe you?

Giving the right answers

Q. Sum up your career to date
A. Relate your answer to the position for which you're applying. Be succinct, don't ramble; interviewers aren't blessed with patience.

Q. What's wrong with you current job?
A. Be positive, dignified, never rubbish your present employer. Tell them why it's time for a change; look forward not back.

Q.What are you strengths?
A. Again, relate your answer to the position you're going for – give examples of your attributes in action.

Q. Any weaknesses?
A. Be economical – give just a couple. Explain how you've succeeded in coping with your weaknesses.

Q. Where do you want to be in 5 years time?
A. Relate your answer to the position for which you're applying and the company's scope for your future career.

Q. Why are you right for this job?
A. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job and convince your interviewer you really want it. Back it up by underlining your experience, ability and character and how they make you an ideal choice for the position.

Do you have any questions?

You will almost definitely be asked if you have any questions to put to your interviewer. So, be prepared. Keep you questions general and let your interviewer talk.

Ask about the company

What are the company's products/services?
Any future developments?
What's the current company structure?

Ask about the position

What are your expectations of me should I succeed?
Who will I be reporting to?
Is there any travel involved?
Is this a new or existing position?
What would be my role?
Where would I go from here?


Talk about the future and where you can go in the company, but don't let it overshadow your keenness for the current position in question.
Be positive, the interviewer is good at detecting negative vibes about the position for which you're applying.
Don't talk too much about money. Initially, just state your ideal salary range and negotiate later as the company's interest in you grows and becomes apparent.

What not to do