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  • I am running for Trinity Hospice.

    Posted By: Stephanie On: 30 Oct 2013


      MY STORY:

     Please be assured that I am the first to moan when I receive dubious JustGiving requests from 'dare-devils' wanting to raise money for simply jumping out of planes, or similarly, from known 'thrill-seekers' wanting charitable donations for scaling the millenium dome, all under the guise of charity. My retort upon receiving such requests is simply 'charity begins at home' and this is exactly where my appeal begins.

    My beloved Father sadly and somewhat unexpectedly passed away on 3rd September 2013, and he was so fortunate to spend his final few days on this mortal coil at the Trinity Hospice in Clapham.

    Trinity's highly skilled team of selfless 'Angel's' were a real inspiration to me. They truly helped above all else to put things into perspective as they genuinely cared and had genuine compassion and empathy for their patients, families and carers alike to regain the confidence they need to live every moment.
    Unbeknownst to me at the time; the time I spent with my Father at Trinity were his last. Whilst there, I learned that it costs £9.6 million each year to maintain Trinity’s 'free' services but less than a third of their funding comes from the NHS- so, every penny really does count, and with statistics like that, I just had to help!

    So... I decided to embark on thee toughest physical journey known to err me, and run, jog and most probably hobble the London Marathon. My reasons for competing this 26 mile (literal assault course) are simple; I want to give back to such a wonderful cause, one that is dear to my heart and one I have (unfortunately) experienced first hand. 

    I am not a runner, I am at best physically redundant but I will give it my all, and I sincerely hope that you will support me in partaking in this mammoth and gruelling race. 

    "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." Mahatma Gandhi 

    Thank you in advance for all your support,

    Stephanie x
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