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  • What makes you #Happy?

    Posted By: Stephanie On: 17 Apr 2014


    We thought we couldn’t possibly love Pharrell Williams’ Happy song any more, but now that spring is in full flow and the delicious long Easter break is here – ah, chocolate bunnies cloaked in crinkly gold foil and red ribbons; pastel coloured candied eggs and the sweet aroma of hot cross buns – we’re really feeling it! We wanted to know, what makes you happy?

    Perhaps it’s taking a mini-vacation as a Tinder tourist à la Lily Allen, or filtering the perfect supermodel #selfie on Instagram? Or maybe you love clapping along to the latest 100 Days of Happiness viral trend because, yes, you ‘know what happiness is to you’…

    If you’re not feeling ‘like a room without a roof’ just yet, this weekend is the perfect time for reflection. After all, Easter is all about resurrection - a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of being - which is, of course, becoming who you really are… So, what drives you? What really makes you happy?

    When you’re ready to put that extra spring in your career with a brand new job that’s really you – just give us a call, we’re always happy to help.

    With warmest wishes

    The ICS Recruitment Team

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