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Saturday 22nd February 2020

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  • Stephanie O'Connor

    Stephanie O'Connor, business development manager of ICS is an experienced recruitment professional with a passion for pink, designer handbags and organized chaos. Having recruited successfully for middle management to board level appointments since 2001, Stephanie's considerable experience has been spent in both global and niche boutique agencies. Ever positive and pragmatic (when life throws you a lemon, make lemonade), her Fulham upbringing persuades her that it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.

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  • Charlie the Dog

    Charlie the Dog is the office PA/mascot, but definitely not a general dogsbody. An enthusiastic meeter and greeter, he has a real nose for job opportunities and can sniff out a potential candidate without even looking at the CV. Gentle, frisky, but usually well-mannered, Charlie's bark is definitely worse than his bite, except when he's hungry. In fact, once he's got his teeth into a project, he doesn't let go. Wants to be an Alsatian, but don't all small dogs?


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