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ICS Recruitment Consultancy, London, UK

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Sunday 19th September 2021

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An 'ideal' candidate?

The idea that cream always rises to the top isn’t a safe assumption when you’re applying for a new job. As good as you think you are, it takes more than talent to secure a worthwhile role. Equally, it always demands more than excellent qualifications. 

The secret is in being prepared, in knowing what to say and how to negotiate your way through the interview minefield. Technique can make all the difference, because there’s always a right and wrong way to express yourself.

Keep it tight, get it right

You should never walk into an interview in ignorance. Check out the company’s website before you arrive to see what they do, how they’re doing and where they’re going. Find out more about the company’s business by reading industry magazines, or simply Google it to get the facts and an idea of the firm’s position in the marketplace.

Review your CV and make sure it’s telling your story in the best possible way. Be positive, believe in yourself, arrive early and look the part. Always be polite, enthusiastic and ask intelligent questions. 

Never bully your interviewer for a decision or discuss salaries and benefits in the early stages. Remember, in an interview, your answers should be concise and to the point, less is more, expand only when requested. Expect difficult questions and think about what you’ll say in advance.
Show enthusiasm and interest in the position for which you’re applying.
Don’t ask about career progression into other areas of the company. However subtle, stepping-stone tactics don’t go down well at interview and won’t get you very far.

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