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Saturday 22nd February 2020

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Why ICS?

From a client's perspective, ICS has an enviable track record of delivering quality service and considered solutions to over 200 reputable companies and enterprises throughout the UK, Europe and Middle East. These include many leading industry 'movers and shakers' all of whom have very different recruitment requirements and benefit significantly from our uniquely versatile approach.

Perhaps our greatest strength is our independence and the flexibility it gives us. Whilst our infrastructure and procedures are fully in place to deal with the everyday cut and thrust of finding excellent people, we're never fazed by the unexpected, sometimes extraordinary brief. In fact we embrace the challenge.

We know from experience that no two clients or candidates are ever the same, so we're always fully prepared to use our imagination and creativity to dig deeper and employ different strokes for different folks, to meet your needs precisely.

Whilst our recruitment net is far-reaching, our reputation for finding the best personnel is second-to-none, in fact, we boast an exclusive register of qualified and experienced professionals across all of our career sectors.

At ICS we welcome all new technology trends so we're totally savvy as to the huge potential of social networking, which is why we actively embrace the speed, spread and rapidly growing use of new media phenomena like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to the benefit of both clients and candidates.

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