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Saturday 22nd February 2020

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The 'cut of the peg'

ICS understands that every client's need is different and so we believe that successful recruitment is about more than placing round pegs in round holes. Most important is the 'cut of the peg'. So, before considering applicants for a position, we ask ourselves 'does he or she fit perfectly into the culture of the company and will the candidate have an intuitive understanding of its business ethos?' However suitable applicants appear on paper, we know how to look beyond the vagueness of some CV's.

At ICS, we advertise extensively on behalf of all our clients, so we know how expensive advertising can be. To make the most of your budget and save time and further costs, we screen and handle the initial response on our clients' behalf. This allows clients to concentrate on their daily business, whilst we offer all suitable candidates our undivided attention to guide them through the selection process.

ICS operates in accordance with the membership requirements of the Recruitment and Employemnet Confederation code of good practise, providing a professional, ethical and confidential service ar all times. As a full member, we enjoy access to a compregensive support network of services to the benefit of both candidates and clients.

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